Mindfulness-Based Life Coaching


Mindfulness-based life coaching is a relationship between the coach and the individual that offers support and guidance for your own life journey. The exploration of this journey helps you to discover your true purpose in life through finding purpose, meaning and passion in your life. This relationship enters in to the process of mindful inquiry and dialogue. This dialogue provides a means to help you gain clarity around what is most important to you and discover the unique and creative ways in which to live your life fully. 

Mindfulness-based life coaching is a relationship and a partnership that honors your own innate wisdom which when listened to, will be your ultimate source of clarity, tranquility, wisdom, love and compassion.

Who can benefit from mindfulness-based life coaching? 

Anyone can benefit from the process of mindfulness-based coaching. Regardless of religious background or spiritual orientation as long as you have have an interest in finding a deeper connection to a purposeful life, mindfulness-based coaching can be of benefit to you. This process uses mindful inquiry to address the deeper questions of living a life of value, purpose and meaningful change. 

What is the process of mindfulness-based life coaching? 

Mindfulness-based life coaching is a process that uses mindfulness meditation, mindful inquiry, body-centered awareness and values clarification to establish guidance for an ongoing mindfulness practice. 

Beginning this journey includes receiving support and guidance on the ways to deepen your meditation and mindfulness practices. 

  • Introduce the concepts of mindfulness practice and develop an understanding of the usefulness of daily mindfulness practice
  • Continued support through gaining feedback around the sharing of your own experiences and observations of your practice 
  • Ongoing dialogue about how your practice is revealing itself in your day-to-day life 
  • Explore specific teachings you are currently studying and receive guidance and support to further your practice 
  • Ongoing support and exploration of unique experiences that may come up with the deepening of a spiritual practice 
  • All of this is done through mindful inquiry; which is a dialogue between two people in order to explore your inner experiences. This process leads to deeper understanding of self and develops the embodiment of moment-to-moment awareness. 

Typically, mindfulness-based life coaching begins with meeting every two weeks for the first two months and then can move to monthly meetings. Each session provides an opportunity to inquire and explore your inner, personal experiences that are arising within you during your practice. Each session is done in a mindfulness-informed approach which embodies gentleness, compassion, and curiosity on the path to realizing more fully your true purpose and the deeper truths that can be discovered along the way.


Sessions are by Zoom or Phone